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Lost Items
nothing is where its supposed to be
everything's where it wants to be
the pieces- the players-
logic, and reason, and melody.
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A Woodland Christmas
A Woodland Christmas
By Shirley Caitlin Smith 12/2004
Edited By Karen Smith 12/2004
Rediscovered and Posted to Deviant art 9/2009
When the sky is clear and the stars shine bright,
all the little creatures from the wood come together.
From the big Great Owl to the tiny firefly,
they find a tree, hang golden nuts and white snow flakes.
Then the fireflies go into the boughs and light up. (*the darkness??*)
The birds bring the last leaf of winter, a golden star leaf, for the top of the tree.
Then at last they all pray to the baby boy who loved all people and animals.
At last, all is well.
They exchange gifts and the birds sing, then all go (*return*) home, except the fireflies sleeping in the tree (??? fireflies stay sleeping?)
And stay till next Christmas when a new tree is found.
So now you know the story of the woodland creatures and their love of that baby boy whose birthday is Christmas.
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Electric armageddon
This is what happens when the fifth setting on your tazer is a  Meggido (armageddon) setting.
(more to come)
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Recipe: Salsy Mushrooms
Salsy Mushrooms
no measurements needed
Rosemary (preferably dried fresh)
Those Generic White Mushrooms you get from the grocery store
Take a pan and put it on the stove on med or med high heat. then take some butter and put just enough to coat a thin layer of melted butter in the bottom of the pan. place the mushrooms side by side in the bottom of the pan make sure they're not on top of each other. (don't worry if they don't all fit you can do this recipe in batches.) sprinkle paprika and crushed/ground rosemary over the mushrooms and wait until the one side is lightly browned then turn them over with a spatula. after the mushrooms are lightly browned turn down heat to low then pile mushrooms on one side of pan and spoon just enough salsa to cover the mushrooms. mix in pan with spatula till warmed with the remaining heat in the pan. place in a separate bowl the cook the remaining mushrooms or  you can just use wha
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Golden Girl -Incomplete-
The golden girl Named Anyanka
keeper of the golden key set with scattered silver stones
Wrapped in midnight velvet blue
Strapped upon her back.
Little girl little girl
What you do? What you do?
The grey shadow was *banished*
But he’s trying to come to come back through you
Little Girl little girl Travel with the holder of the key
For she has destroyed the grey dog in the past
And she will make sure its shard won’t revive through you.
the golden girl has drawn the key from the tree
she’s found the girl who was in need
she became one with what remained of the gray shadows last victim
the vortex is sealed in her bossom
the grey shadows memory is erased from existence and is no more.
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The Chroniclers
The first chronicler had a desire to never be forgotten. And then that being thought; why should that wish only apply to them?  After that person died they were devastated; how would they finish chronicling everyone’s lives if they were dead? Then they met the higher powers of their universe. Their idea was a good idea. And they gave them the power to make more chroniclers and to chronicle the lives and stories of all existence…  
They lived in the archives outside of existence
The rules where that; they COULD NOT INTERFERE.
They are the unseen watchers
They protect the boundaries of reality
They chronicle everyone people animal’s plants stars planets civilizations…
A chronicler can be anything from an amoeba to a human from a fae to a fish to a fly. Or dinosaur.
A chronicler will chronicle ones story from birth to death and beyond if necessary
No no one knows who the founder was or is. He/she stays within the center of the archives regulating th
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Nexus Effect
Nexus effect
  [nek-suh s]
–noun, plural nex⋅us⋅es, nex⋅us.
1. a means of connection; tie; link.
2. a connected series or group.
3. the core or center, as of a matter or situation.
4. Cell Biology. a specialized area of the cell membrane involved in intercellular communication and adhesion.
1655–65; < L nexus a binding, joining, fastening, equiv. tonect(ere) to bind, fasten, tie + -tus suffix of v. action, with tt > s
Definition Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2009.
The nexus effect is when the lifes and events of other worlds realitys existences dimentions and universes seep into the minds dreams and imaginations of other people.  Sometimes these people become writers poets playwrites movie makers novelists or just write storys… sometimes they may find ways to those worlds…. And often times they and their readers never know
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Journal History


Sooooo its been a few months...
Working on projects making jewelry. made some for my family forgot to take pictures asking them to send me some but they haven't yet.
Anyway 3 projects 2 are writing related.
1 is an ic/ooc Fan blog thingy for a video game I'm playing 'the secret world' its totally awesome. I'm going to be posting articles and art, doing articles about other peoples art and various other random stuff.

second is a fiction Writing thing that's been bouncing around in my head for awhile now I've decided to get it onto paper. what better place to put it than here? were i can get criticism and advice! (no bashing on my grammar, spelling and typing skills please. i know they're horrible. I'm working on it so deal with it.)

3rd is a informative Rock/gemstone blog thing.... I've been procrastinating started that months ago and haven't written a single thing. when it comes to researching im awesome. but narrative and research type WRITING.... I stink... 3 sentences and i draw a blank. at least w/ creative writing i can make it to ten pages before hitting the (metaphorical) 'blank barrier' that is... Writers Block.

What else do i call that big blank that pops up out of nowhere.... preventing the flow of ideas for writing? Happy fun time er... i got nothing. Smart a** witticism where did you gooo?! :cry:

So anyway thats what im up to. ill post the links when i have them set up. oh the first two i forgot im using devart for some of the first blogs stuff and im posting alot of the writing for the second project here too!

first project:
  • Listening to: Splashdown/various newgrounds artists
  • Reading: Sixth Column - by Robert A. Heinlen
  • Watching: YOU! O_O
  • Playing: The Secret World
  • Eating: .....SAMOSA'S SAMOSA'S SAMO- Oooh Chocolate!
  • Drinking: Tea


Shirley Smith
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
i have adhd a love of drawing 3d media and writing. at the moment my days are full of reading watching tv and various computer activities.
hmmm.... let me get back to you on this....*curls up and takes a nap*

Current Residence: North carolina
Favourite photographer: ansel adams
Operating System: Pc windows 7
MP3 player of choice: IPod


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